Becoming an Eagle Scout takes years of hard work, dedication, and service. Scout members working to become an Eagle Scout have to learn various skills by earning 21 merit badges, and staying active in the community.

Only around four to six percent of Boy Scout members ever reach the rank of becoming an Eagle Scout. So for a young man, finally earning his rank as an Eagle Scout can be a very special moment in his life.

It’s not a requirement to give a gift to young men who become Eagle Scouts, but many people choose to give an eagle scout recognition gift when a young man in their life attains the highest rank a boy scout can reach.

Here is a list of Eagle Scout Recognition Gifts perfect for any new Eagle Scout.

Swiss Army Eagle Scout Classic SD

Eagle Scouts are known for their outdoor skills, with many required merit badges to earn the rank being correlated to outdoor activities. A Swiss Army Knife is a classic gift for any outdoors man, but this knife in particular has an Eagle Scout insignia on the side to recognize the achievement of the scout.

Eagle Scout Memory Box

Earning merit badges means gaining new skills, and sometimes new memorabilia and items along the way.  This solid pine box is a perfect place for the scout in your life to store their memories and accomplishments they earn on their way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scout Challenge Coin

Challenge Coins were originally created for military members as a way to prove membership and create the feeling of belonging to the armed forces. Higher ranking officers would also gift them to soldiers as a recognition for their hard work and service. Since then, the popularity of challenge coins has spread to other organizations like police forces, firefighters and of course, the Boy Scouts of America. Having a challenge coin as a reminder of your scout’s hard work and dedication towards their goal will help them feel pride in their rank as an Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scout Statue

Another popular gift option for an Eagle Scout, are gifts and art related to eagles. This Eagle Scout statue depicts a young man with an eagle perched on his arm, and is just one example of an eagle related gift. Other options include things like keyrings, mugs, cups, and T-shirts.

Four Percent: The Story of Uncommon Youth in a Century of American Life

Four Percent is a book written by Michael S. Malone, who himself is an Eagle Scout. The book goes into details of the Boy Scout of America’s history, the organization’s contributions to society, and about the lives of members who helped make that history. One interesting thing the book touches on is that the Eagle service project that is required to become an Eagle Scout has resulted in over a combined 100 million hours of service. This book can help your scout realize how important the work that he contributed as a scout really was for the communities he is a part of.