Our Story

Emblems and insignia are what we do, but, it’s not who we are.

Armor Coin and Emblems is a family-owned, family-run business nestled in a small town in northern Utah. We work hard, have fun, and incorporate integrity into everything we do—all while being passionate about making the best insignia pieces available.
We also live by three core values to give our customers the best experience possible. We may be an emblems company, but we are in the relationship business.

Quality. We know our products, our processes, and have mastered our craft. We perfect each customer’s ideas and finish them by hand, striving to create a remarkable product they admire each time they hold it in their hands. The real magic is in the details.
Speed. People get excited about our designs and want them now. We get it. So we move quickly to ensure our customers don’t wait unnecessarily.
Service. We enjoy communicating with every one of our customers and are committed to providing a great experience. We genuinely care about every design idea and strive to find the best possible solutions to any challenge that comes our way.

One of the most rewarding things for us is to watch our customers open their finished pieces and see the satisfaction in their eyes as they hold it in their hands. It’s just like Christmas. Every. Single. Time.
With its loyal customer base, Armor Coin has grown an outstanding reputation for producing the best coins, patches, key chains, pins, collectible items, corporate goods and other top line products.  As Armor Coin continues to grow, so do the smiles.