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appreciation and thank you coins


Armor Coin designs gorgeously-crafted thank you coins, which make the perfect expression of gratitude toward a client, co-worker, teacher, or anyone in your life.

Excellent for personal or corporate gifts, appreciation coins are a wonderful trinket the recipient can display in their home or office for years to come.

These thank you coins feature high-relief images in top-quality metal. People everywhere love this design and we are also happy to create custom appreciation coins based on your own ideas.

Thank you coins can be gifted on their own, in a display box, or on a keychain for easy carrying.




Addiction Recovery coin · Overcoming Addiction
The Armor Coin Addiction Recovery Coin is a powerful symbol of hope and inspiration for those on the path to recovery. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this recovery coin is a beautiful reminder of the strength...
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Power of One gift key chain
The perfect gift for anyone to express Thank You and Appreciation! If there is someone you wish to express Gratitude for, this is a wonderful way to do that. Great for Teachers, Volunteers, Neighbors, Colleagues and so many others. This...
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