Law Enforcement Saint Michael Embroidered Police Patch

Saint Michael Embroidered Patch


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Law Enforcement Saint Michael Embroidered Police Patch


This Quality Fully Embroidered Patch is great for Law Enforcement Apparel, Jackets, Cap, Backpacks,etc. Prized by Law Enforcement and their families. This design was inspired by appreciation for the many great people who do so much good for our communities. This beautiful Law Enforcement patch honors and respects those who sacrifice to make life better for others.

· 4 inch 100% Fully Embroidered (Highest Quality) Patch

· Heat Sealed Clear PVC backing prevents shrinkage and wrinkling

· Merrowed Edge Border Stitching

· Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability - Machine washable

· Easily sewn or applied to any garment or simply kept as a keepsake

Manufactured exclusively by Armor Coin